About Us



Welcome to NerdKO! That picture up there? That's us. Muzz, and Sleazy. Nerding out at a comic con back in the day. 

Here's another picture of us way back when we used to do "NerdKO Night at the Movies" events at the Movie Tavern in Hilliard.



And here's where we hosted a screening of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who



And finally one of our initial booth setups at the Columbus Toy and Collectibles Show:


Simply put, we eat, sleep, and breathe nerdy stuff. We love it so much in fact that we made it our personal mission to share that love with the world and pour our passion into growing nerd unity as much as possible. Each one of these events was an attempt to do just that and finally we decided to take the plunge and put our business online. We don't quite have all the kinks worked out yet, but if we've learned anything it's the importance of jumping in before you're ready.

To that end we don't have some grand staff of dozens of minions ensuring everything goes smoothly. We don't have personal assistants or a marketing team to guide our efforts to make something great to share with you. (Although we can't deny a team of minions would be pretty slick.)

But what we do have is an undying commitment to providing you the best experience possible when you do business with us and that we'll do all we can to serve your nerd needs every single day. And if you see any area we can improve at all or if you just want to talk with us, we invite you to email us at nerdkosales@gmail.com or drop us a line on Facebook and twitter as well!

NerdKO very much is and will ever be a work in progress. But know that at the center of that work is you, our customer and if you're in the Columbus area very likely our friend as well. So thanks for visiting, we hope you find something you like, and check back often because while we are certainly at our humble beginnings, we're always looking for new ways to improve and would love to have you on this journey with us.


-Muzz & Sleazy